We build futures by supporting people who are vulnerable and at risk of social exclusion. We assess each working person’s individual needs to offer them personal pathways tailored to their requirements to achieve employment and social inclusion.

Right from the outset, ÀuriaFil has sought to build a more inclusive society through socially responsible business activities.

We are proud of the work we do, but even more so of how we do it. We seek to show the world that you can be an efficient and productive organisation while respecting the society around you.

Governing body


Mrs. Maria Pilar Salat Agramunt (President)

Mr. Jordi Parent and Beltran
Mayor of Olesa de Montserrat

Mr. Eduard Rivas and Mateo
Mayor of Esparreguera

Mr. Jesús Naharro and Rodríguez
Mayor of Abrera

Mr. Enric Carbonell Jorba
Mayor of Sant Esteve de Sesrovires

Mrs. Gemma Rodríguez Quiñonero
Mayor of Collbató

Mr. Josep Mas Vilanova (Secretary)

Mr. Miquel Canet Sabaté (Vocal)

Mr. Pere Galán García (Vocal)

Mrs. Ana Artazcoz Tailor
Co-Founding Partner Moltacte (Vocal)

Mr. Jaume Plana Pineda
Co-Founding Partner Moltacte (Vocal)

Mr. Jaume Oller Rosell
Tandem Social Co-Founding Partner (Vocal)

Mr. Juan Aisa Blanco
Founding Partner You First Sports (Vocal)

In accordance with Law 19/2014 on Transparency, Access to Public Information and Good Governance, at AuriaFil we comply with the law by publishing the information required for our company.

120 projects in the last year.

Each initiative we undertake helps us grow and enhance our service to deliver matchless quality to our customers and generate new jobs for groups at risk of exclusion.

3,900 control panels checked.

We constantly check electrical panels and light fittings to make sure they are in good working order.

37,000 litres of water saved per month.

Our new specialised facility cleaning system enables us to save large quantities of water.

350,000 metres of lights checked per year.
350.000 metres de llums revisats anualment.

We check, and where needed repair, lights in the festive lighting segment (Christmas, local festivals, etc.).

Àuria Model
It is a social and labour market inclusion scheme for a better life in which we assess each person’s tools and resources.



Our commitment is the present

We tap Social Return on Investment (SROI) methodology to get objective data.

Every euro invested in ÀuriaFil generates between €3.66 and €4.49 in economic, social and environmental returns.

Every day, more and more of us are committed to a business model which takes on board responsibility for our society’s present and our planet’s future. Together we build futures.


AuriaFil workers receive a decent wage, increase their economic capacity to meet expenses and are able to make an active contribution to society.

The fact that people have the opportunity to work means significant savings for the administration, for the people themselves and for their families:

  • Public administrations save on unemployment benefits, basic citizen’s income, non-contributory disability pensions and more expensive support resources from the social services and health systems.
  • Reduces costs to families: hours of care and support for the person, costs associated with their daily life.
  • Allow carers more time to meet their needs for rest and/or to improve their personal-work balance.